30th Birthday Party Ideas in Las Vegas

Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat

The Flamingos wildlife Habitat is house to flamingos, but you will also find ducks, swans, turtles, koi and even 2 rescued pelicans. Green landscaping makes for amazing pictures: think palms trees, waterfalls, and lots of locations to sit. The habit is family-friendly, and it is free. Walking paths permit you to wonder all through the area, and if you have got children with you, it is a perfect location to stop for an extremely un-Vegasy break.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

More than two-thousand visitors per day flock to this chocolate production facility where cherry, cremes, truffles, peanut brittle, cordials, and other sweet treats are made. This place is super fun and has private party rooms that one can have Las Vegas strippers come over and serve chocolate to the bachelorette. If you are lucky, you will get to watch the confectionery pleasures being created, and you can pick up a free sample or a hand-dipped ice cream cone. Self-guided trips are free, although it might be tough to pass up a purchase after watching the cutes being made. For the serious chocolate lovers, a chocolate tasting experience is provided $15 per adult and $6 for kids.

Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is mostly called for its overhead light show, Viva Vision, which is amazing show of technology and lights. Street performances, artists and impersonators called as buskers are found all along the street level on Fremont Street, making a walk down and up the few blocks under the canopy feel like an adult carnival. A SlotZilla, zip line ride, zoom riders under the category and over the heads of the people below. And, definitely, even hour after dark the overhead canopy explodes into pictures and music. During the day, the FSE is a bit more sedate.

Seven Magic Mountain

The Seven Magic Mountain art installation is simple to view, with its 35-foot high towers of multi-colored boulders increasing out the desert east of i15, about 10 miles of Las Vegas. Swiss artist Ugo Rondinones creation is an amazing piece of public art. These neon hoodoos look a pretty like the natural rock formations found in the Southwest, just instead of being sculpted by rain and wind, these domestically sourced boulders were put into place with heavy tool. The installation will be on show at least through the end of 2018, and plans are in progress to spread its stay. Seven Magic Mountain might not be artwork in the very old sense, but it is a special creative and engineering achievement – and it is fully free.

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