How to find the best online tutor

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Have you ever come across adverts and websites that ask you to subscribe to their English learning programs? The number of such websites is significantly high and choosing the best can be a little bit challenging. The information provided in this article should help you choose the best online tutor.

Figure out why you actually need a tutor

Your reason for needing a tutor should be specific. It can either be for your reading skills, writing, ib english tuition or the use of vocabulary. Understanding your weakness should help you to choose a tutor that’s good in that specific area. You should understand that being eloquent in the English will greatly boost your communication skills.

How qualified is the tutor?

It is advisable to get a tutor that has high qualifications. You can go through a tutors resume to find out his/her qualifications.

Tutor’s experience

You are always told to consider the experience of your plumber, electrician, hair stylist, and many other service providers. This still applies to your English tutor. An experienced tutor in English has more ability to help you master content in English or whatever subject you wish to study, compared to a newbie tutor. The experience they have acquired over the years dealing with different types of students will help them evaluate your weaknesses and strengths hence they can tackle your issues better.

Cost of acquiring the tutor

You should not stretch your budget so that you can get a certain tutor. Pick that tutor that you can afford and that offers high-quality services. You should avoid those tutors that charge extremely low rates as that may come at the expense of the quality of service you will get.

Location of the tutoring company

It is advisable to get a tutor from an English speaking country because their standards are usually higher. Most tutors from non-English speaking regions may charge you lower rates but some of them have very low standards.


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